Getting Started

Soooo…. A new blog that’s going to stay inside photography Smile  My other blog ( was actually directed more for technology and consulting but the photo stuff started to dominate, so here we are.

Nothing that’s overly structured in topics or anything – just my ramblings with my jump into Photography in a fairly significant fashion Smile

A long time ago…. I was a very serious amateur photographer.  I come from the world of 35mm using multiple SLR’s and a serious array of lenses.  Circumstances beyond my control put me in a direction away from this fabulous hobby for a lot years.  Not that I stopped taking pictures, just not in a big way.

That was a lot of years ago and about 1 1/2 years ago, I decided to step back in.  The old saying “Time, Money, Opportunity” came into play. 

I had just returned from a short holiday in ‘Vegas and it was during that time when I found that my little pointy shooty just didn’t cut it. Time to upscale.  After a lot of research and studying about the “new stuff”.  What I wanted for my “entry point” camera was something that I could take as part of my daily commute.  It had to be small enough to fit in my daypack along with my notebook, iPad etc., but at the same time, I wanted to ensure that I could get a high quality photo.  Not DSLR level (I probably wont got there for a long while), but high quality enough that I could do some image processing if needed.

The camera I ended up getting was the Fuji X10.   That was a lot of cameras ago, but it’s still my goto camera.  More on that in another post.  I didn’t get thinking about additional equipment for about 6 months at which time, a vacation in Hawaii got me thinking about the next step.

I’ll detail out in the next post – it’s late… and I have work tomorrow…


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