And So I Thought…..

So here I am between consulting gigs.  I rolled off Mid July and knew I would be idle over Aug for sure, and possibly part of Sept.  I have an offer pending, so October it is, it looks like.  I THOUGHT that while I had this time off, there would be times when I could actually go out and take some planned shoots.  You know places to go, pics to take Smile 

Well…. it’s not working out like that at all – I’ve mostly been doing renovation work and the pics I’m taking are progress pics of the various projects I’ve had, but none of this “planned shoot” thing I was counting on.  I still have plans in place for doing various photo things, it’s just that it hasn’t happened – yet.  I realize now just how valuable those noon hours were Smile

One of the things with me, is that I am quite focused and maybe this has been sort of the background issue with me and photography.  Sure, I carry some of gear with me all the time, but to literally stop and take a photo that catches my eye – well – that hasn’t happened quite how I envisioned it would.  In reflecting on this, a couple of life things, I’m thinking has kinda gotten in the way Smile

1.  Looking for work.  One thing with being a consultant, is that typically, you take your breaks when you take your breaks – usually between gigs.  This is a little different to being an employee in that IF you are going to take time off during a consulting contract, you actually have to get it written into the contract. Sometimes you can, many times you don’t.  One has to work completely thru and ensure your stuff gets done within the project timeline.  A consultant simply doesn’t leave for a day or two out of the blue.  In this area, one does tend to make a bit ore money than being a salaried employee, so it also stands to reason that IF you get a break between gigs, you have money to take a REAL holiday.  This year, we used our money to do a major renovation on our garage, BUT I also was looking for work at the same time.  What I THOUGHT I could do, was to, if anything, keep up on my blogs and journal entries.  Ha!!!!!

2.  Juggling “Stuff”.  My initial plan was to do what I normally do when I get up.  Usually, once I have my coffee and have everything powered up, do a quick daily journal entry, then look for work and once my job search was done, continue on with my other daily things – I had hoped that one of them would be taking photos.  Well, the garage renovation killed that one right off the bat Sad smile  I don’t know about anyone else, but as a consultant, looking for work is one of those “evil necessities”  Job hunting, or in my case contract hunting, is very serious work.  When I rolled off my last contract, the job market was ramping very quickly, and in one sense, it stayed that way all thru the summer – just not for consulting work.  Sure, I got interviews but nada.  I KNOW I have the skill set, good in interviews, but for some reason, it was a no go.  Perhaps they were “fishing” so to speak.  Companies sometimes do this – they have an internal posting but process says they have to go “outside”, so they do, and see “what’s out there”.  Absolutely no intention of hiring.  OR there is no immediate requirement to go ahead so they doddle.  Anyway …another discussion.  Onward.   We ended up getting in a contractor to work on the garage (this is a flat top garage with the roof being used as a deck). and while they worked on that, I decided that I would rebuild the interior.  I had to do that anyway, as it had been leaking, so it was a good time to be re-insulate, re-wire if necessary, etc. There is an upside to this – I got some great “progress” pics and got to use various pieces of gear to trap this Smile

BUT… what I hadn’t counted on was just how much time this sucked up.  I got up earlier to do my job search, but that was taking an average of 3 to 5 hours per day.  I got up earlier (around 6:30 to 7:00 a.m. and decided that basically, my job search end time would be 9:30 – 10:00 a.m. and then from there, it was on to “daily”.  The garage, for the most part.    Now, if you toss in interviews, it kills the day pretty well depending on the time…..  Not that I had a lot of interviews, but enough to be disruptive.  To make it worse, there was a lot more work there than I had initially thought would be required.  The insulation had been put in wrong, I wanted new lights but we found the wiring was wrong, etc., etc.  Plus, when you are looking for work and you are interviewing, you don’t know when you might be working, so there was pressure to get finished.  One “hope” that I had, was being able to take some photos after interviews, but it seemed like every time, I had to be home, so that went into the weeds.  Ugh…. hate when that happens.  A lot of times, my interviews were around 11 ‘ish so one is in noon hour, which means no place to eat with the noon hour rush, so I simply came home.  Unfortunately, I had to grab a bite when I got home, OR I had another interview so that ended any thoughts of taking photos downtown.  Yes, one of the travel cams fits nicely into my briefcase…..

3.  Actually getting pics.  I normally take photos when I’m doing anything like this, so this was no different.  What changed was the fact that I didn’t take too many pics away from the renovation, which was the initial plan.  I THOUGHT, that as I went out get materials, I could stop and take some other types of photos.  Didn’t quite work that way.  Usually, it was go to Home Depot, get my “stuff”, get back and on with it.  Now, to make it worse, I also had to move a lot of stuff around to do the work.  The upside to this, was that I was able to ultimately make more space by cleaning up stuff that.  Sooo.. what gear did I use for this?  Well – for the “general” shots, I used a couple of my travel cameras.  Mostly, it was the Nikon S9400 (as it was the “new kid on the block”), but I also used my Panasonic ZS25 and Sony HX30V.  For detail type shots, it was my Panasonic GX1.  Detail type shots?  Yes – I wanted some shots of wiring, close ups of where moisture was in the joists, etc.  This was where something like the GX1 showed it’s merit over the travel cams. 

Here’s one where being able to crop like crazy and still get a high resolution photo was nice to haveSmile

P1000780For Web_Drip

What happened here was that we were getting new drains put in and it rained unexpectedly.  Sooo… at about 3:00 a.m., I had to rush into the garage and find something to catch the rain water so it didn’t go everywhere.  On the way down, I grabbed my GX1 and one of my other travel cams and once I got something to catch the water, I noticed the water dripping from the drainSmile  The other camera I had was the Panasonic ZS25 and it did pretty good on these shot sequence, but nothing like this!!!  This shot was actually one I used in my “Accidental Shot” blog entry.  And yes, I slept in a bit later….. Smile 

3.  It looks like….. Well, here we are mid-Sept and I’m waiting on an offer but still looking for work (nothing is for sure until the contract is signed Smile) , but with the exception of a bit of sanding and painting, it looks like I finally have some breathing room coming up. 

Now… about those photos of the Peace Bridge…..

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