Ooops … I Did it Again… Canon SX270 HS

In reality, the LAST thing I needed was yet another travel cam….Smile  BUT… all the reviews were saying that the Canon SX260 was last years best travel cam.  I went looking for one “just to see what the fuss was about, but the technology had changed (nothing new here….), and the SX270 and SX280 were the only ones I could find.

Canon SX270

I didn’t really have a big window to get this, and Future Shop only had the blue one, but it’s a NICE color  blue Smile  Not that many shots as I only got it today, and only a dozen or so shots to test, but so far, what I’m seeing – I like. 

Annoyances – yeah – I’m discovering a couple.  One of the first things, is the flash.  It’s like the Sony HX30 where it pops up in auto mode, but you have to have the flash set to auto.  BUT you can’t just push it down like the Sony – you have to turn the flash off via the menu Sad smile  OK – I take that back – you can push it back down – just a little firmer than the Sony Smile  I’m good… there.  The other annoyance so far, is that you can turn on the camera when you push the preview button.  Hmmm… not big on that one.  The case – yes, this one actually comes with quite a nice case but at the same time, you need to thread the carry strap thru the case or it won’t close correctly.  Annoying if you have to take the camera out in a hurry – not gonna happen……  It new and leather to boot, so we’ll see what happens with it as it wears in a bit. 

Initial thoughts – for the most part, it’s pretty straight forward stuff.  One of the key reasons I got it, was that it uses a larger sensor and so at the 12.1 megapixels, in theory, it should be every bit as high res as my 16/18/20 megapixel travel cams and it is based on the initial shots I’ve taken.  It’s not as thin as my Nikon S9400 but it’s also heavier, but it has a nice feel to it, which caught me off guard at first.  Comfortable though.    I used Canon back in the 35mm days and loved it.  Now that I’m in the world of Digital, I’ve not even looked at Canon until this one.  The camera I use in any one given scenario can and do change.  I’ve so far found that my Panasonic ZS25 and ZS15 are among the best I’ve used for simply just all around “stuff”.  My Sony HX30 and Fuji F800 are a bit more specialized and my Nikon S9400, I got because it was thin and very tiny comparatively speaking.  Color wise – it’s something I would expect from this class of camera – it just produces a good clean photo.

So… what do I mean by that?  Let’s get something straight right off the bat.  What I’m getting at, is that for the things that I do – I’m a fairly serious amateur.  What I’m looking for and using is based around mobility and having a camera or cameras ALWAYS available.  That ruled out DSLR’s right away for me, I’ve “dipped my toe in” with Compact System Cameras – I have a Panasonic GX1 and Nikon 1 J1  both systems with two zooms if want to get a little beyond the “snaps” AND they aren’t that portable, but currently as I’m “in between” consulting gigs, I’m not taking my daypack, so they are tolerable for my “out and abouts”.  Generally, I take my GX1 and a couple of travel cams – don’t always take photos, but when I do…..

So… where does this guy fit into my armory of cameras?  Well, like the Nikon S9400, I got it more on “spec”.  Maybe “because” would be a better term – I simply wanted to see what it was like.  I know that the Nikon S9400 didn’t get rated as well as many but you know what?  I find that it’s a pretty nice unit, photos are more than acceptable for what I do with it.  The menu on the SX270 is actually pretty straight forward – nothing too complex here.  More important, one can simply put it in it’s auto mode and just go for it.    I’ll detail more as I use it more.

My Nikon S9400 gets some pretty serious use though…  With my garage renovation, I’ve been using it quite a bit more than my other units.  Mostly because it is quite small.  The other one that does get used a surpising amount is my Nikon S3400 – this one is a straight pointy shooty – 7x zoom but at 20 Megapixwl.  It’s very small. 


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