When There’s Time…..

Wow!  This last couple of weeks has gone by fast!!!  We have even MORE snow on the ground AGAIN!!!  I’ve been off work again and hoping to be working soon (I’m a consultant), and one l of the things about being in this space, is that when you reach the end of a contract or even before, you are looking for the next one.  In reality, you are looking for that next one constantly.  Once you come off of one, you pretty well replace your regular job with another job – looking for work.  The work has been just sparse enough out there, that I’ve been spending pretty well a full day looking for work.  Couple that with the other “regular” tasks that need to be taken care of, a day goes by in a heartbeat.  From the photography standpoint, it’s been very quiet for me but today, we had to prep for a family dinner and get the house cleaned up, but I decided to simply take a break and make some time for me.  Not a lot, but just enough that I could dig out a couple of cameras and take a couple of pics of some flowers that my wife has that were blooming. 

Usually, when I do something like this, it’s kind of an ad hoc thing – and of course, timing is everything Smile  Today was one of those days when, during the course of house cleaning, I happened to catch some interesting lighting on some plants.  Over the last little while, I’ve been really tending toward my Fuji XF1 and trying to use as much as I can.  It’s quite new, and despite the fact that works pretty the same as my Fuji X10, it’s a little “different” in it’s own little way.  One area that I have trouble with it, is in the area of close ups.  My Panasonic GX1 is like this as well.  I think it’s me as well as I’m hitting that cusp where I’m literally at the minimum focal range of the sensor and it simply has trouble focusing.  I’ve switched to manual focus of offset, and I did get some good shots, but it was a little harder than I anticipated.  If I had used one of my travel cams – like the Nikon S9400, it would be have been much easier Smile  Due the lighting, I simply grabbed whatever was closest and got my shots while I could. 

When it comes to close-up work, and I really am starting to do more and more here, I find that one really does need to set up a little more carefully than normal.  In reality, I shouldn’t have tried to hand hold, but the space I was in was cramped so no place for a tripod.  Nonetheless, they still came out not so bad Smile  My wife’s plants provide an endless number of opportunities and I simply don’t get tired of taking photos of them.  She has these XMAS cactuses that bloom this time of year, and with the lighting coming in thru the windows at certain times of day, they always seem to have every so slight different shapes.  Plus, there are few other ones that she has.  Lots of fun for me. 

Red Xmas CactusRed Xmas Cactus_1jpgOtherWhite Xmas Cactus_1White Xmas Cactus_2White Xmas Cactus_3White Xmas Cacuts

BUT, one has to take the time and it’s so rare that I can actually stop and take my time to get these shots.  Over the last few weeks, though, I’ve been trying to make time to do this.  Other things too – mostly to give my head a rest and push it in a different direction to work related things.  Diversions are always nice, but for me it’s been rare. Looking for work has always been rattlin’ around up there, so forcing myself to stop, I think, is therapeutic. 

When I look back at things, I sometimes wonder why I don’t do this more often.  Is it maybe that technology has us so engaged that we think we need to be connected all the time and as a result, we miss out on many pleasurable things because technology got in they way?  Maybe – I’ve been reading a fair amount  in this area, and this isn’t really discussed in the stuff I read, but it does surface every once in a while.



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