Extra Flash vs “Other”…..

Well…I couldn’t wait Smile  I decided on the Nikon SB700 and went and got it.  Here are a couple of thoughts around this purchase.  Considering that this is my second flash unit in as many weeks AND the fact that I really haven’t used my D3200 all that much in big picture so far, since the fashion event, I did a pile of thinking.  The Nikon SB700 set me back about $350’ish.  About the same as a bigger zoom.  The zoom on one hand, could give me more options on shots, but at the same time, so would the flash.  Soooooo… in the end, it was the SB700.  The long term plan is to acquire a Nikon D7100 or something in that class and get the 18 – 140 with it.  A 55-200 would overlap that – no point.

Now, considering that I just got the SB400 and I am pretty pleased with it, The more I thought about it, the more I figured that having that extra “kick” might be a worthwhile investment.  The SB400 is actually a pretty smart thing when it’s tied to my D3200, but it didn’t quite perform how I wanted in certain instances.  Having the flash mis-fire in a couple of instances was annoying.  In a casual environment, this wouldn’t be a big deal, and I was able to get around it, still….. I’m getting used to the idea of having the flash take over my camera but the photos I’ve been getting really got me going in this space.  As much as I like the SB400, now that I have the 700, I’m pretty pleased with what I’m discovering.  I like how I can do some bounce stuff – not that the SB400 is bad, but the SB700 handles it superbly.  More important here – I can control how the light spreads based on a setting on the flash.  Super neat.

When it comes to equipment, for me, I don’t mind spending a bit if it’s going to make life easier.  When I did this shoot, I got a larger LowePro sling to carry both my D3200 and my Panasonic GX1 and the accessories I needed to do the shoot.  I did a bit of re-arranging now that the event was over, and now have the D3200 in the sling.  Next move is to see if I can fit it all in the Nikon bag – it’s quite a bit smaller, but then, I might not need to take the extra gear either.  Like chargers or even the SB700.  Smaller bag for smaller shoots.  In thinking about this further, I now have extra room for my other smaller cameras too.

Other things – batteries.  On my “bigger” stuff, one of the things that I almost obsess over, batteries – or having enough juice has always been at the top of the list.  My Fuji XF1 is currently the only camera my “more serious” gear that doesn’t have a spare, but if needed, I could use one of the ones for the X10, but then again, the XF1 is used mostly for my daypack, so no big deal.  I got thinking about spare batteries for the new flashes and decided to order more as a “just in case”.  For me, a friend of mine, who is a pro told me to get the Sanyo Eneloops, so I’ve had those for other things, but I didn’t use them that much, but they are definitely being used nowSmile  I had 6 which is just enough for the SB400 and SB700.  I decided to order 8 more.  Overkill – maybe.  I’ll be doing some heavy testing on both flashes over the next little while, I suspect, so I’m familiar with both of them inside and out.

The plan or the theory, anyways, is to start using flash more whether it be the built-in  one or one of the external ones. I already do use the built-in one for doing fills – the externals will be used to enhance that.  Using reflectors comes to mind.  I do that with my light box and lights for my stills – constantly or as much as time permits.  Which brings me to another thing – time – or lack of it.  I think I”m going to have to start “shuffling” so I can play with the big gear and not so much my travel cams.  My new role also has me boogying pretty good and I’m still trying to figure out a routine.  I really want to be able to take an hour for lunch whenever I can.  At the speed I’m going though, that’s not happening so far.  Earlier this week, I started to come into work a little earlier to try to get ahead of the game a bit.  It’s only week 2 and going into week 3 and we’ll see once my notebook gets configured with the software I requested and my stuff gets transposed to it.  No real chance for photos here yet.  As time goes on perhaps.

One of the big issues now, is actually, unfortunately time itself.  I’m taking my gear on my way to and from the weekend tasks and every once in a while, I do stop to take a few photos, but nothing that has struck my fancy in an area that I want to take photos of.  Hopefully, soon – I really do like landscapes and want to get some of the city skyline shots.  We have such a neat skyline. With the gear I have, the bigger decision is deciding what to take.  I’m currently juggling between the D3200 and my travel cams depending ….. Stopping to take shots – well, not really happening.  I also take the Panasonic GX1 at every chance.  I love using it, but still need to learn it even more – it’s actually a great camera to use.


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