Doubling Up … Sort Of……

Wow … Talk about time flying by!!!  I’ve been meaning to create an entry for a couple of weeks now.  Life has gotten in the way, unfortunately and even this entry is going to be closer to a journal entry (something ELSE I haven’t been doing…) than anything. 

So… what’s been going on.  I think I mentioned that I had a shoot coming up and it’s gone by.  Did it go well?  Absolutely!!  I’m pretty please with the shots I did get.  Even more important – I was probably more prepared than ever for a shoot like this and it did go much smoother.  Just goes to show you – correct equipment for the job – easy peasey…..   So my gear – I used two bodies.  I have both a Nikon D3200 and a D5100.  The D3200 has the 18-55 kit lens and I stuck the 55-200 on the D5100.   Flash was the SB700 on the D3200.  I kicked up the ISO on the D5100 to ISO1600.  It was all good Smile 

The bigger issue was actually trying to figure out a way to carry my gear on public transit.  I had my wife take down my tripod, but the cameras – I wanted them with me.  Now… if you travel via transit, especially buses, you would know what a hassle this can be carrying two items – your daypack plus a camera bag.  During rush hour with a packed bus – not fun.  A couple weeks before that, actually way before that, I started to hunt for a bag that could haul both cameras and still be relatively compact.  I have sling bags but they can be a little bulky and don’t necessarily make it easy to take out cameras quickly.  For this shoot, I probably could have used a sling, but it was simply too inconvenient to take on the bus – no easy handle.  Soooo…. the quest was for a bag with a handle to make it easier.  AND did I mention small or at least less large…. The solution for me, ended up being a LowePro Nova 200 AW.  I was looking at the next one up plus a couple of Roots ones, but neither had the configuration capability that this one did.  It wasn’t cheap at $140, give or take, but one has to do what you have to do.  In the end, it worked a charm and that’s what counts.  I can carry both cameras with lenses attached AND carry all the needed accessories.  Marvellous!!!

During my quest, I happened into a camera store and got talking to a clerk and she mentioned that they were clearing some lenses out.  They were Tamrons but the old screw drive lenses.  They were selling out very quick and when I got back the next day, one of the ones I wanted was still there.  This was the 28-200 AF Aspherical LD Macro.  This would fit, but no AutoFocus.  BUT it had macro and more important – $90!!!!!  I didn’t even blink at getting it.  For $90, I would work with full manual.  In the end, it took me almost a week before I could even fiddle with it.  I was able to read some reviews on it, and the reviews all claimed it was a little on the soft side.  When I did take my shots, the lack of sharpness was not noticeable  to me.  What was a little harder was actually hand holding it Smile  Now… I had been looking at getting a prime macro – likely the 85mm, but that would take some saving.  This was the easy in.  I got my extra distance AND variable no less plus macro. 

About the doubling piece.  OK – I now have two lenses in roughly the same class, though the Nikon zoom is 55-200 against the Tamron 28 – 200.  Despite the fact the Tamron is slightly wider, it’s also manual.  The Nikon one is full autofocus.  The Tamron will only work in Programmed Auto, not necessarily a bad thing, but limiting, nonetheless.  The one big reason – I have a VERY versatile macro. Close up work is one of the areas I do a lot in. For $90 – worth it to me.

One of the big things, I think, when we start to get more serious, especially in the area of interchangeable lenses, picking the lenses one needs is always a tough choice.  For me, in reality, I went the DSLR way as a last resort.  I already had something like 12 cameras or more but the shoots I was starting to do moved me into this space.  I’m very happy with my existing gear which includes everything from pointy shooties to Compact System stuff covered everything I needed.  It was those big event shoots where the DSLR literally became a requirement.  I was recently at a family reunion and I took my travel cams and more advanced cameras – Fuji X10/XF1 and my Panasonic LX7.  Didn’t use the X10 or the LX7.  XF1 and Nikon S9400 covered off everything.  My wife used the Panasonic ZX25.  We took around 200 pics and got the shots we wanted. 

Soooo… what am I saying here?  I run into this all the time.  It’s not the camera Smile  I run into so many people who are literally obsessed with DSLR’s and demand the absolute best in quality and resolution under any condition.  You know, that’s fine, but if you don’t have a camera available, quality and resolution doesn’t matter if you don’t get the shot.  To me, it’s all about getting the shot – it always has been.  I come from the world of 35mm where you pretty had to get the shot.  You were full manual – you used both the in-build meter or a hand held meter.  Perspective – it’s so important.  If you need the shot for publication or plan to enlarge, sure, you may want to use a DSLR, but if you are taking casual shots or “normal” stuff, as I call it,  what one looks for, usually, is simply a good photo – natural colors good resolution.  Composition may or may not be there, but the content is.  Bottom line – you got the shot you wanted!!!  In reality, that’s what it’s about. 

For me, I may or may not do any post processing – it “depends”.  Unless it’s an event shoot or I want to “fiddle”, I try to do as little post work as possible.  I simply don’t have time to be in that space.  Getting the shot is what counts.



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